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Reliability alerts

on models with repeating problems

Our 20 years of experience as a data recovery laboratory along with the data caught by our diagnostic tools allow us to point out the devices or models that have the most failures and warn you.

With 20 years of experience in data recovery, Recoveo’s teams have worked on several Po’s (or thousands of TB’s) of hard drives. As a consequence, we know which models are most likely to fail and the type of failures, since our internal ERP provides this information.

We use warnings on hard disk drive models that suffer from “natural” failures: bad sectors, firmware corruption. Mechanical failures are less considered as they often result from misuse (shocked or dropped).

In addition, our diagnostic software Puma Cloner and of course Smart Disk Checker anonymously collect statistics on the models that are tested.
This allows us to improve Smart Disk Checker continually for user’s benefit.