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Happy customers

through an innovative quality approach

Stand out to your customers with professional diagnostic reports.
Garages have a diagnostic case, IT professionals now have SDC PRO!


You will be able to tell your customers that every HDD or SSD is diagnosed, and show that you have saved them from costly or irreparable data loss.

The advice and recommendations in the reports will please your customers who are looking for simple and understandable information.


You will be able to reassure your customers and convince them more easily to accept a quote with a report and recommendations.

No more screenshots or incomprehensible technical reports.

Diagnostic report
Multi-language report


The diagnostic reports are available in
English, German, Spanish and French

Professional image

The report is a guarantee of seriousness and professionalism to your customers that will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

The customer leaves with a report that you can personalizewith your logo: it will advertise your brand.


Your customers keep their reports: they will come back more easily by themselves.

You can also set up a regular check-up: schedule a new appointment in x months to check if there is a bad evolution of health status.

My tech guy tested my laptop’s hard drive and got back to me within 5 minutes to inform me it was defective 😱
I could see the error area on the diagnostic report he printed for me.
😌 Whew, I almost lost all my data! He changed it for an SSD and sold me an external drive to back up my data.