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Eraser and hexadecimal viewer

Free tools to erase your disks, check the result and get a synthetic overview.

In addition to SMART tests, Smart Disk Checker includes several free tools, including a secure eraser and a hexadecimal viewer.

SMART Overview

Summary of your devices

This is a summary of your disk’s health status (SMART indicators). It provides an overview of the problems.
To go further, you can carry out a SMART diagnosis that details all the indicators.

List Of Disks

List of disks

Get a clear list of your physical and logical disks (partitions).
It also includes occupancy rates. It provides an accurate view of storage and highlight the device’s health status.

Free Secure Erasure

Secure Eraser

A secure erasure of an entire physical disk can be done.
You can use it before cloning a disk image to avoid retrieving previous data. This is the best way to erase all data.

Free Hex Viewer

Hexadecimal Viewer

Provides a hexadecimal visualization of a disk content.
You can check that the secure erasure has been completed successfully.