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Slide1 Smart Disk Checker the ultimate diagnostic tool Slide2 Download the free version to check the health of your hard drives or SSDs Download Slide3 SDC PRO the professional diagnostic software for IT specialists READ MORE

Smart Disk Checker

Test your hard drives
and SSDs for free



The diagnostic tool dedicated
to IT professionals

Discover the ultimate diagnostic tool

Smart Disk Checker is a diagnostic tool developed by Recoveo, the French leader in data recovery services for 20 years. Our goal is to provide a reliable tool to people who want to check the health of their HDD or SSD.


Test your hard drives and SSDs quicklyPrevent hardware failures and data loss3 versions available

IT professional ?

Discover our Smart Disk Checker video!

Check out the features of Smart Disk Checker in a few seconds: Disk summary, SMART indicators, disk management, etc. All the tools you need to diagnose the health of your storage device in a single software!