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Make more with SDC PRO

Discover how SDC PRO can help you win on all fronts!

Why should you systematize the diagnosis?

The implementation of systematic diagnostics with SDC PRO will allow you to create a virtuous circle that will generate immediate benefits for your company, your teams and your customers.

Simply use an installable, portable or bootable version of SDC PRO to run a diagnostic in less than 5 minutes on any computer that comes into your workshop, then generate and provide the report to the customer.

Checklist: how to successfully implement SDC PRO?

  1. Download SDC PRO
  2. Inform your teams and colleagues with the Welcome SDC presentation
  3. Join our webinar to find out how to use our the software
  4. Systematize diagnosis and reports on all computer entering your workshop
  5. Communicate with your customers (POS advertising, social media posts, etc.) to promote your diagnostic abilities
  6. Make the first sale tomorrow morning!

Eric uses SDC PRO and gets immediate benefits

Eric utilise SDC PRO

We are convinced. We used to test disks with ***.
Now, we use SDC PRO that is really light and useful to create diagnostic reports for the customer.

IT professionals already use SDC PRO