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Professional and customizable reports

Simplicity, credibility with your customers

Expand your additional sales

The recommendations included in the report will help you to make additional sales
(hard drive or computer replacement,
OS reinstallation, data recovery…)

Customizable reports

Insert your own logo
Remove the Smart Disk Checker logo
to sell white label reports

Follow the profitability
of your investment

Get usage statistics on the Smart Disk Center secure online account,
and find all your reports!

Diagnostic report

Professional diagnosis

A better advice to your customers.
The system information can be used, for example, to suggest a reinstallation or the addition of RAM memory.
The occupancy rate can be used to sell an external storage device or a hardware upgrade.

Make your diagnostis profitable

15 € to 30 € per computer tested.
Offer a preventive health test for all the storage devices you work on.


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