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An intuitive disk diagnostic tool for PC.
Fast, reliable, and easy to use.

Smart Disk Checker is a free software that allows you to check the health of your storage devices.

Smart Disk Checker can be of great use to all those who want to make sure their HDD or SSD will not fail them in the worst possible moment.



I had a bug with my Kingston SSD not recognized by Crystaldisk (but ok for my hdd). I’ve tested other software like smartdiskchecker which is the simplest one I found and which provided me the correct SMART information of the SSD. I would recommend.

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With one click you can run a full diagnostic and get all the details about your internal and external disks, as well as explanations in case of problems.

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„I find Smart Disk Checker more reliable especially on SSD hard drives.“

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1st try, quick, easy and frighteningly effective!

Smart Disk Checker is the most powerful free software that allows you to check the health of your storage media (hard disks – SSD or USB stick).

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Recoveo takes the dust off disk diagnostics tool swith SDC PRO software

Benefiting from an intuitive interface, Smart Disk Checker is available in portable version or to be installed on a Windows system (7, 8, 10).