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The benefits of SDC PRO

IT professional: discover how SDC PRO can help your daily work!

IT professionals don’t have it easy!
They have to juggle between different and unreliable tools to test the increasingly complex devices of demanding customers.

In addition, it is often difficult to put a value on the diagnosis time, as the client does not see the work done.
SDC PRO includes features that will help you save time, satisfy your customers and generate additional revenue.

Hard drive repairer

SDC PRO Value-added software for IT professionals

Discover the power of SDC PRO in that video. From the customer’s problem, to its resolution, find a situation that you are regularly confronted with. How do you get it right? The answer in less than a minute with SDC PRO!

Why choose SDC PRO?

What SDC PRO brings you!


Because it is more and more difficult to access the storage devices of recent computers, we have developed a bootable version of SDC PRO. Don’t waste any more time disassembling the storage devices when you can test them with SDC PRO!


Feedback from our users is unanimous: it takes less than 5 minutes to control SDC PRO and enjoy all its benefits! But simple does not mean weak: SDC PRO offers unique and innovative tools! Find out more!


A diagnostic tool must be trustable: 20 years of experience, 3 years of development to achieve powerful and reliable features, especially on the most recent and complicated devices: SSD & NVMe.

Tools developed to value your diagnosis

SDC PRO tests and innovations

In order to properly diagnose a device, it must first be properly tested! The reading tests allow to sharpen a health status previously reported by SMARTindicators. SDC PRO uses this information and improves it through other analyses: full test, quick test, etc.

Most of the SDC PROtests are based on the experience and knowledge of Recoveo, the French leading data recovery company The development of a dedicated SSD test is part of the innovations of SDC PRO.

SDC reading tests
HDD bad report

Custom reports

Another SDC PRO innovation is custom reporting. The tool gives the diagnosis of hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, etc. a new lease of life. by providing you with a real advantage.

No more screenshots or unclear technical logs to explain to your customers why their storage media is slowing down. From now on, you will have several documents that can be personalized and assessed according to the test carried out: white label, with or without your logo, including the price of the diagnosis or not, etc. There are many report customization possibilities.

Secure webspace

SDC PRO is a diagnostic software, but also a secure cloud space where you will find all your customer analysis reports. At the end of each test, SDC PRO generates and uploads a report to the SDCenter space so you can access it at any time.

On this webspace, you will also be able to set up and personalize the reports, manage your users or to analyze the sales turnover realized thanks to SDC PRO!

SDC database

Predictive database

Finding a reliable and efficient SSD diagnostic software is tricky today as there are many technologies and manufacturers. It is very difficult to determine simple common criteria to obtain a reliable result.

So how do we do it? The only way is to carry out a constant research & development and to rely on the experience base of Recoveolaboratories. With nearly 7,000 storage devices diagnosed each year in our labs, we use this experience so that SDC PRO can evaluate the risk of failure on SSDs and NVMe. It comes with a lot of technical information (SSD controllers used, firmware, etc.) or reliability (problem known by our experts, …) This is the heart of SDC PRO!

IT professionals already use SDC PRO