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How to create a Smart Disk Checker
bootable USB drive?

Please follow the following tutorial to create your bootable USB drive.
Recoveo Software will not provide any technical support on alternative creation methods (WinPE, BartPE etc.) which may not work or may generate errors.
Smart Disk Checker Bootable USB Drive
  1. Download ISO file
  2. Download and install RUFUS (installable or portable version)
  3. Connect a blank USB drive (2 GB minimum). All data will be erased.
  4. Launch RUFUS
  5. Drag and drop the WPE_SDC.iso file into RUFUS
  6. Check that the USB drive is properly selected (device)
  7. Choose the MBR partition scheme
  8. Check that the file system selected is NTFS
  9. Leave the volume label RECOVEO
  10. Click START button
  11. Wait for the process to finish and then disconnect the drive from Windows
  12. Connect the USB drive to the computer to be analyzed and boot from USB (refer to the PC or motherboard manufacturer)
Some bios require choosing the USB drive as boot device manually.
For UEFI, it is necessary to use the 64 bits version.
If the USB drive is not recognized (newer PCs), it is recommended to use a GPT partition scheme.